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Silicone doll is always available for your desires

Initially, the concept of the sex toy industries committed to making silicone dolls was purely sexual, but over time, people have formed a strong bond with these dolls, and the firms have had to make some evolutions to the products.

Are the dolls mistaken for a real woman?

No, people who buy these silicone dolls know very well that they are in front of an object. So much so that some models are glued copies of a real woman, as for the complexion, as for the imperfections of the face, the sex dolls are young women incarnated. The doll was made with special materials, silicones that were worked to resemble the skin of a real human. There is a lot of work in this field and a lot of materials, so the price is not cheap. From head to toe, this silicone love doll has been made piece by piece, piece by piece in order to create the image that the customer wants to have. Even the coloring of the eyes, the size of the nose hole, the hands, the hair are to be framed so that it looks real.

The kind of customer for this silicone doll

There is no specific age or criteria for those who buy this doll. There are people who ask for a credit to buy their doll, others who come with her pretty porch to get hers. The doll is so different from other sex accessories, because it is more complementary with what people are really looking for, and it is available to perform all the movements of a human. It has a flexible metal skeleton shape that can bend and expand as you want. It will support a weight of 100 kg on it, and its only weakness is the fire, totally like a human being. These dolls have measurements and it is true that it is not a too realistic object that scares, but it remains an object of fantasy.

The silicon dolls are available in online stores and they will be delivered discreetly.



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